Welcome to our website, we would like to tell you first of all a little bit about ourselves; we are believed to be the first UK importers of the Caucasian Ovtcharka, including Raisa the 2004 female champion of Poland and Baks our Russian & Polish champion stud dog. We are a family of dog lovers, and have bred various large (the Caucasian being the largest!) and small breeds over the years, passing down our love of dogs, and indeed all animals to our four children and now our grandchildren.

About the Caucasian

Dog TemplateThe Caucasian Ovtcharka or the Russian Shepherd Dog, originated in Russia as a flock guarding dog, guarding sheep against wolves. They remain an ever watchful guardian today, a unique mixture of a sweet natured child-lover, who will look after your family and be a lifelong companion and friend, but can be ferocious when they or their human family are threatened. For this reason the Caucasian is not for everyone. You must be aware that they need strict training when pups, with lots of loving affection and playtime as well. As adults they are typically aloof and suspicious of strangers and need careful socializing to make them relax into a state of calm watchfulness in the presence of visitors. They are intelligent sensitive giants but not everyone can handle a Caucasian. Indeed, not everyone who wants one should have one!

As we all know there are unscrupulous people out there who want the biggest dogs possible to make them as aggressive as possible… So dangerous!! People like this give the breed a bad name and as we know, there are no bad dogs, just bad owners and with proper handling you couldn’t wish for a better breed. You get out of your dogs of any breed only what you put into them so with time, love and care they are the prefect partner.

Caucasian Ovtcharka pups

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